How To Land From An Unexpected Dismount

How To Land From An Unexpected Dismount

On your horse riding journey, there will be some bumps and jolts, some of which may be enough to cause you to fall off of your horse entirely.

Every single horse rider who has committed themselves to the equestrian cause has fallen at some point, to the point that some riders see the first fall as a rite of passage.

Because of this, it is essential to be prepared, which includes not only your riding clothes and equipment but also your body and mind in the moments just before and just after impact.

Having the right breeches, a padded vest, an appropriate and well-fitting helmet and supportive stirrups and other tack will help prevent unnecessary falls

Many riding instructors will also incorporate fall training to help disperse the impact of the landing and make sure you can get back up safely.

Here are some top tips for landing safely and making sure you are ready to get back in the saddle.

Let Go Of The Reigns

The temptation will be to hold on for dear life, and this natural instinct can be very hard to break, but the safest dismounts typically require you to let go of the horse for a moment.

There are times when you can hold on and be safe, but with just half a second to react to a dismount, there is rarely time to weigh up your options.

Similarly, if you are out of one of the stirrups, kick out of the other.

Tuck Your Arms

Much like in gymnastics, the best way to fall is to tuck in your body and aim to land on your shoulder so you can roll away from the point of impact.

Spreading your arms out is an instinctive reaction, but it can also increase the risk of injury.

Relax And Take Your Time

Avoid tensing up as much as possible. Relaxed muscles are usually best at taking the impact of a fall without causing an injury, and can be as simple as thinking to yourself to relax.

Once you land, give yourself time to take a breath, and let your body catch up to the shock of the fall before getting up slowly, or call for help if you are worried about an injury.

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