31 Aug 2021

Hi there, I'm Kat and I am the CEO and founding director of EQUEENE Equestrian. 


I have worked in the equestrian world my whole life. From leaving school to take up an apprenticeship at an event yard, becoming head girl for an international showjumper and grooming internationally, to running my own busy dealing, and competition livery yard where I bred and produced horses up to 1.40m. 


After a 3 year break from horses working for an equestrian agency, I am now back working as a yard manager for a busy livery yard in Dorset. 


I still compete in show jumping (although not to a very high standard these days!) and am currently producing and competing my own horse, 5 year old homebred mare, Isla (KS KILLER QUEEN) Hence the name EQUEENE! 


It was actually while coming back to horses full time that I noticed a real gap in the market for a contemporary, middle of the range clothing brand. I struggled to find riding wear that was fashionable yet practical and most importantly that would last me longer than 5 minutes working on the yard in all weathers!  


There seemed to be an awful lot of cheaper brands on the market offering incredible price tags but with a real concern as to the longevity of these items for someone who say, works on the yard six days a week. On the other hand, there is a great deal available at the higher end of the market, but when you spend hundreds of pounds on a single pair of breeches, the last thing you want to do is get them trashed up the yard! 


I found myself spending anywhere between £60-£250 on a pair of breeches for example, and really not noticing much difference in design and value for money. 


This is where the concept for EQUEENE Equestrian began. 


I wanted to create a range of equestrian sporting clothing that had the technical abilities to support a professional working on the yard 6 days a week, yet be comfortable and fashionable for the everyday rider.  


I am lucky enough to have a unique vantage point when it comes to understanding what equestrian expect from their riding clothing, simply because I have been, and continue to be the consumer myself! 


So if you think that these products haven’t been through the absolute ringer in testing, you are sadly mistaken!