23 Sept, 2021

So here we are, it's finally time to announce our very first edit - the AW21 collection! 


When I say its been a long process I mean its been a LONG process, but I' so glad we are finally here with a selection of products that we are so very proud of, and that we are certain you will love! 


It was so important to me to launch with a small range of clothing that will become a timeless staple in your equestrian wardrobe for years to come. Here at EQUEENE Equestrian, we feel it is so important not to fall into the 'fast fashion' category, the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment is huge as it is, we hope to contribute to that as little as possible. We therefore don't want any purchase of ours to be a 'fad', or an impulse buy, instead, we want every piece to be valued and worn day in day out for as long as possible! For this reason, the full AW21 collection has been designed with longevity and ongoing performance in mind. The design and branding is simple yet powerful, with just enough detail to make it stand out from the crowd! We chose to launch in a timeless colour palette of Greys, Blues, Blacks and White. Not the most ground breaking colour palette we know, but one which is an absolute classic in the equestrian community and can be worn daily, flatter all and endure whatever we equestrians can throw at it! 


Another key factor for me as a rider myself, is the technical abilities of the products. I wanted comfortable equestrian clothing that performs well in the saddle and out and can be worn daily by both professionals and amateurs alike! In this first launch, you will find that all of the materials are high performance sports fabrics with a high level of stretch, and breathability to keep you comfortable and cool during the toughest of workouts!  


All pieces are ultimately designed with fit and comfort at the forefront, and have been vigorously tested by the equestrian community before launch. We felt it was vital to get the unbiased, sometimes brutal, but very honest opinion from other real equestrians in the community to make sure that we had a collection that would stand up to the high standards that we all expect when it comes to parting with our well earned cash! On top of that, I personally have been wearing products from this edit solidly on the yard, every day for months and months now! I have no interest in launching a product that I don't feel I can back 100% and wouldn't want to wear myself whilst working on the yard. From samples through to the finished product, everything has been tested by myself to within an inch of it's life, which has been vital to me being able to make the necessary tweaks to ensure this is a collection that I fully believe in and feel sure that you will too! 


So here it is...