31 Aug 2021

Hi all, and welcome to EQUEENE Equestrian. 


First of all, I would like to say a massive thankyou for even being here! I am so grateful for the support, whether you are simply reading this blog post, liking or commenting on an Instagram post, taking part in a giveaway, or purchasing from the store, it is all massively helpful and greatly appreciated! 


I’ve been involved in this whole horsey life for blooming ages, and have always been one of those girls with real designer taste but a high street budget… which never works out very well in the horse world!!  


I noticed a real gap in the market for a decent, middle of the range equestrian clothing brand for those of us who want to look the part without completely breaking the bank… and so began the long and arduous research mission to see if this dream could even be possible. 


12 months later, here we are! 


EQUEENE Equestrian, is an equestrian clothing brand for the busy, modern day rider, focussed on providing high quality, fashion forward, and practical riding wear. We are always aiming provide clothing that is long lasting, comfortable, performance focussed, and reasonably priced. 


We will continue to develop a range of equestrian sporting clothing always with the rider in mind. No matter whether you are a professional competition rider or an everyday hacker, you should always feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing!  


There is so much more in the pipeline that I cannot wait to reveal! 


Watch this space!