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Rider wear- redefined. Based on the principles of gym wear, we have designed an exceptional riding top that prioritises both comfort and durability, with the technical features enabling to ride your best.

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The Molly Seamless Training Top is making waves through the equestrian community for its simplistic design and technical features.

It's ultra lightweight material gives you a comfortable 'second-skin' feel whilst offering you vital UV protection in the summer months. It is breathable and moisture wicking allowing you to keep cool and comfortable in the heat yet it also keeps you surprisingly warm in cooler temperatures. With 4-way stretch and a seamless design you have unlimited flexibility, meaning that you are truly comfortable at all times.

Long days in the stables often involve heavy lifting, intense labour and sweaty workouts. For this reason, our seamless training tops are perfectly adapted to the sport and will keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Perfect for active riders!

We’ve developed an equestrian baselayer that will stick with you through thick and thin. Breathable, functional and fashionable that are perfect for up the yard, chilling at home, working out in the gym or even on the ski slopes.

Molly really is the ultimate performance top for all year round, which is ideal because once you've tried it, we're not sure you'll want to ride in anything else!

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4 Way Stretch
Moisture Wicking
Super Soft
UV Protection
Designed for Movement
Thumb Holes

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Molly seamless training top

The seamless design makes it incredibly comfortable meaning you can stay in it all day no matter what your up to! Molly’s long sleeve features a thumb hole for added style and the discreet logo detail makes it versatile beyond the equestrian world.

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dory seamless training top

The perfect summer alternative to the Molly Seamless Training Top. Dory is her short sleeved sister! Still featuring the breathable and moisture wicking properties, including the bespoke ventilation panels, and UV protection, this is the perfect summer riding top.

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