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Discover the Ultimate Solution for Comfort and Protection for your equine partner: The EQUEENE Saddle Pad.

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Where Skill Meets Style: Equeene Equestrian prides itself on providing the highest quality technical wear for the rider, we refuse to compromise on these standards for our equine friends!

Smart Material, Smart Protection

If you want to give your equine partner that extra measure of comfort and protection, Pro-Impact pad is the one for you and your horse.

It is the performance of the D3O® smart material that makes the Pro-Impact saddle pad so special. It provides highly effective, breathable and flexible protection for your horse's back.

D3o technology is based on a “non-Newtonian fluid” technology, where an impact means the bonds in the material actually change, stiffening up, and then soften when the impact is over. These are brilliant for show jumping, dressage and cross country, protecting the horse’s back from impact.

The D3O® Smart Material Technology in the Pro-Impact pad is able to disperse pressure better than any other material of a comparable thickness. In the core of the Pro-Impact pad is a flexible polymer, containing molecules that react to pressure and shock: if there is pressure, the molecules move together instantly and form a (still flexible) surface, which completely scatters pressure energies. When the pressure lessens, the molecules move apart in split seconds.

On the underside of the pad is a highly breathable hi-tech spacer fabric at work, which provides moisture management, prevents heat buildup and contributes to the first-class fit of the pad.

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