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Answering the 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Horse Riding Leggings

Are Riding Leggings / Tights any good?



Honestly, yes, riding leggings / tights have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are a fantastic, modern alternative to regular jodhpurs and breeches, because they are generally more lightweight, very comfortable and offer great freedom of movement in the saddle.

They can also be extremely versatile making them a great choice to combine other fitness activities such as Gym, Yoga, Running & Dog Walking.

Our Isla Performance Breeches have been designed to be the perfect breeches / riding leggings crossover, offering all of the benefits of riding leggings but keeping the aesthetic and useful design features often seen in the more traditional riding jodhpurs and breeches including deep phone pockets, belt loops and a tailored design and faux zip for a more classic style.



What is the difference between Riding Leggings and Breeches?

Riding leggings tend to be made from a lighter material compared to traditional jodhpurs and breeches, giving you a better freedom of movement whilst still maintaining structure.

Breeches have been a traditional choice for English riding for many years, however as riding tights have advanced in fabric technologies, they have become more popular over due to their improved comfort. They can still offer features the breech does such as silicone seats and pockets but tend not to have zips making them more comfortable around the waist.

What other names are Riding Tights called?

The names of riding tights can vary from brand to brand, for example different brands may call them tights, leggings, skins, under layers, breggings, jeggings and breeches. Leggings are usually defined by the material thickness, most are usually between 240 to 300GSM. However some leggings can go up to 320GSM for their thermal properties for winter use (See our Elsa Pro Winter Breeches).

The name can also be an indication to the design features. For example, tights, leggings, skins and under-layers would indicate a more basic, simple design. Where-as breggings, jeggings and breeches would indicate more advanced design features. 

We call all of our tights, Breeches, because although they are made from a more modern, lightweight material than traditional breeches and jodhpurs, they have been very carefully designed to still meet all of the requirements for traditional breeches. They have all been specifically developed with technically advanced materials and features meaning they are the perfect cross over between leggings and breeches. 

Can you ride in Gym Leggings?

Although gym leggings offer a lot of popular similarities to riding leggings, they are sadly missing a few key features for example silicone grips, tailored ankle hem specifically designed to sit underneath a Riding Boot so as not to cause rubbing and discomfort, and reinforced knee and seat meaning that they may wear quicker in the saddle. 

Are Riding Leggings a good choice for First Time Riders and Learners?

The simple answer is yes, they offer fantastic comfort and ease of movement that make them ideal for the beginner horse rider. A popular choice for learners is a legging with a full seat grip because the silicone will make you feel more secure in the saddle until you develop your seat as you progress.

Which Leggings are suitable to wear during Summer?

Equeene Equestrian riding leggings are all made from a fantastic lightweight 4-way stretch material meaning they offer great breathability and comfort in warmer temperatures. Due to the closer contact stretch feel they are also much comfier under riding boots which is an area that can quickly become hot and sweaty in the heat of summer. 

Are Riding Tights any good?

The fabric offered by a legging is far superior in terms of stretch, flex and breathability compared to more traditional fabrics used in jodhpurs, meaning they will hold up well for all seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Another great feature of good quality riding leggings such as the Equeene Breeches is that they dry super quick and wash up well, giving you great longevity and value for money.

Obviously, at the end of the day, this question boils down to personal preference, but here at Equeene Equestrian, we are pretty confident we can convert you!! 

Are cheap riding Tights any good?

You know the old saying, you get what you pay for, well this couldn't be more true for riding tights and breeches. A cheaper pair of riding leggings can be the perfect starting point for a beginner rider not yet convinced to invest in a more expensive pair of leggings, but there are a few pointer to remember.

Cheaper leggings will be made from a cheaper, less quality material, meaning they may lack stretch, be less comfortable, fit poorly and not last very long. Meaning that although the initial expense will be less, over time, a more reputable branded price option would be cheaper as they may last for more wears than the cheaper options.

Riding legging fabrics which need to be specially manufactured if the Brand focus on performance is expensive for a Brand to make, therefore a middle price point of £50-£70 is a good guide for a decent pair. 

Can Women of all shapes and sizes wear Horse Rider Tights?

Absolutely! No woman should ever be made to feel unequal; women come in various shapes and sizes, each unique in their own way. Riding tights are a fantastic choice for offering a more custom fit due to the stretch, adapting to each different shape and curve.

Equeene Equestrians breeches are made from a technical, 4-way stretch material for a second skin feel no matter the shape or size. They feature a high waisted style designed to sit on the most comfortable part of the stomach as well as carefully designed panelling to ensure an elegant, sculpted fit which flatters all shapes.

More importantly, the material is full coverage and squat proof for ultimate confidence both in and out of the saddle. 

Can you wear riding tights when you are pregnant?

Yes, because of the 4-way stretch material, you may find that riding tights are the much more comfortable option with a growing bump. Opting for a pair of riding tights with full seat silicone grip may be a great choice to offer more security in the saddle should a rider choose to still horse ride whilst pregnant.


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