Breeches With Silicone Grip


Equestrian fashion is evolving at a crazy rate, new innovative materials are entering the market meaning that you are getting a better product and more value for money. In the past, traditional types of grip were used such as leather or suede, which are quite restrictive and become heave especially when wet.

Nowadays, a much more popular type of grip is silicone grip. Find out more about the Pro's and Con's of silicone grip in this article.

Is silicone grip good?

We think silicone grip is an absolute no-brainer! Offering you that little bit more stability in the saddle without restricting your movement. A lot of people shy away from silicone grip due to bad experience with the design meaning they end up feeling stuck in the saddle, but a well designed silicone grip will not give you an anti-slip feeling without feeling sticky. 

Does silicone grip give you a better grip in the saddle?

Yes, the silicone pattern strategically placed on our breeches ensures a secure contact with the saddle, providing stability and helping maintain quiet legs and balance for precise aids. Riders value the grip for improved stability and control.

Do silicone breeches ruin the saddle? 

There is no proof that silicone grip will damage your saddle or result in unusual wear and tear as it is tailored for use with leather saddles. Occasionally, you can see temporary imprints in the saddle but these can be easily removed by basic saddle care. If you do get a small logo imprint on your saddle, you can easily remove it by cleaning your saddle with saddle soap and oil.  

Can you have too much grip with silicone seat?

The preferred amount of “stickiness” is completely down to personal preference. Our Breeches are specifically designed to give the optimal amount of grip without feeling restrictive. 

Does the silicone wear off over time?

Nowadays, silicone grip breeches are developed with better technology for much longer durability so should not wear off over time. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the silicone grip might dull after a certain amount of use and washing.

If you find that your silicone breeches give you too firm a grip in the saddle, this may be a good thing to keep in mind. It is also, for this reason, important to follow the wash care instructions on your breeches to keep them feeling great for a long time!

We Recommend

If you have never tried breeches with silicone grip before, we recommend you try our Isla Performance Breeches.

Designed in the UK by an experienced equestrian, and thoroughly tested by equestrian professionals, our subtle full seat silicone grips have proven to give you just the right amount of security in the saddle without restricting movement.

The product has been carefully developed to have very fine silicone prints, the fine lines are what create this non-intrusive grip. 

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