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How To Choose The Perfect Saddle Pad

Finding the perfect saddle pad can be quite tricky. Many diverse colour and material options are available, along with varying sizes and cuts tailored to specific disciplines. So let us shed some light on how to find the perfect saddle pad!

What are saddle pads used for?

Lets start from the very beginning – The purpose of saddle pads is to fulfill multiple functions. They can…

  • absorbs dirt and sweat from the horse to protect and maintain saddle cleanliness.
  • improve the balance of the saddle.
  • lower friction and shield the horse from chafing due to the saddle.
  • distribute pressure more evenly on the horse’s back. 

What saddle pad should I use?

Selecting a saddle pad requires consideration of fitting it to your horse’s back as well as the size and design of the saddle.

A jumping saddle pad, for instance, might not provide enough cover for a big dressage saddle with long saddle flaps, so in that case we’d recommend choosing a larger dressage pad. Hence, the saddle pad you select relies on you, your horse, and your riding discipline.

What are the differences between a jumping and a dressage saddle pad?

The main difference between a jumping and a dressage saddle pad is their size and cut. Dressage saddle pads are long and straight while jumping saddle pads are short and have curved corners. This is because each pad is made to fit the shape of the saddle from its discipline:

Since dressage saddles have longer saddle flaps, a dressage saddle pad has to be quite long to cover the entire area of the saddle. On the other hand, jumping or all-purpose saddles are smaller and require shorter, curved saddle pads that follow the outline of the saddle.

What other design features can I look out for when choosing a saddlecloth?

Other useful features in some saddle cloths include - 

  • Ergonomic design
  • Shock Absorption
  • Quality Material

In an exciting collaboration with Micro Performance, Equeene Equestrian bring you a world class, anti-slip jumping pad, engineered to perform to the highest level. With sweat absorbing qualities, an ergonomic design and super soft material, keep your horse comfortable and looking super smart! 

Our specially formulated cool dry mesh lining provides anti-slip and sweat absorbing qualities, and our high-whither design ensures maximum comfort for your four-legged friend! 

The D3O® Smart Material Technology in the Pro-Impact pad is able to disperse pressure better than any other material of a comparable thickness. In the core of the Pro-Impact pad is a flexible polymer, containing molecules that react to pressure and shock: if there is pressure, the molecules move together instantly and form a (still flexible) surface, which completely scatters pressure energies. When the pressure lessens, the molecules move apart in split seconds.

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